Sharpshooters Photo Specials

In-Store ONLY Race Photo Pricing

Day of the race: Printed 8×10 photo $20.00. Our regular retail is $36.00

Any time after the race: prices will be retail, however for all RACE PHOTOS after the purchase of any of our products I will include the Digital Image complementary a $35.00 value. Retail of our digital photos starts at $60.00 and then goes down as customers purchase more.

Digital 10-pack: is 10 digital photos burned on a disk or put on a flash drive. Retail for this product is $360.00 or $36.00 per image. I am offering this for RACE PHOTOS at $250.00 or $25.00 per image. Plus I will include five 8×10 prints complementary. This is a $500.00 value. So offering at 50% off. If two parents would like to “split” a 10-pack I have no problem with that. Digital All-In: which is as many photos as someone would like, burned on a disk. This we offer at$500.00. We find that many people like to come in throughout the season and “Build a Favorites Folder” of all of the photos, and then at the end of the season purchase the Digital All-In disk.

We do value the digital photos more, because we release all of the license and copyrights to that image so the customer can reproduce it as many times as they like.
Jeffrey Swistowicz
Venue Manager
SharpShooter Imaging at Mammoth Mountain
760.934.0618 office

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