MMSST NEWS May 1, 2018

MMSST Charger and U19 Year End Awards

John Meister, Hunter Wren-Ross, Les Perpall and Head Charger Coach Mike Peters with Skyler Low recipient of the Chargers Comp Team Coaches Award. Missing are:
Chargers Comp Team Skier of Year, Exie De Felice and Comp Team Hard Charger, Carson Dorough.

Coaches for the Chargers and the U19 team recently presented their Year End Awards. The U19 Skier of the Year award was presented to Gabby Smith. According to her coaches, Smith’s “returned from injury this season with great determination to get back where she was prior injury. Her work ethic and consistency in preparation even on days facing adversity has been impressive. Setting great examples and pushing her teammates on a daily basis Gabby has had a huge impact on her team. She won 3 FIS races this season and placed several times in the top five, which secured her a spot on the St. Lawrence University NCAA team for next season.”

The U19 coaches also reported that their Most Improved award went to Erik Eisen, who “made a huge change in his approach to ski racing mid-season. His positive mind set and focus has taken his skiing skills to the next level. Paying attention to detail and committing to hard work has made a huge impact to his success.”

U19 Rookie of the Year, Evin Haworth, “has consistently shown dedication and commitment throughout the year. Her work ethic, coachability and growth mind set are impressive. She is always pushing herself to give her best effort and is eager to learn to improve her skill set.”

U19 Nickolas Eppolito, Most Improved, “made the most improvements in his skiing skills throughout the year. He steadily worked towards becoming a better technical and tactical

The U19 Weekend Warrior Award went to Lachlan Anderson. “As a weekend and holiday season skier only, Lachlan has had great success this season. Scoring his best results in all four disciplines in his last FIS series has shown that hard work, dedication and commitment pay off. Driving six plus hours every weekend to join our ski team training and being competitive at this level takes huge effort and a great mindset. Lachlan shows both of these attributes.”


U19 Love of the Sport Award went to Frances Lackey. Lackey, “joined us from North Carolina this season. Making such a commitment shows how much she loves the sport. Her attendance was the best throughout the entire season, which reflects her great improvements she was able to make this season. No matter the weather or conditions, Frances was always ready to bring her get it done attitude. Her spirit, and lovely character brought a lot of joy to the team. She embodies true love for the sport.”


Chargers comp Team Most Improved: Cian Smith with Head Charger Coach Mike Peters and coach Todd Morris

John Meister, Hunter Wren-Ross and Les Perpall are shown with Chargers Coaches Award recipient, Mia Williams. Missing are Lyla Rowley, Michael Mabry, Sean Dempsey and Vaughn Wilson. Also, missing are Calista Yun and Trystan Lee who were named Hard Chargers.

Hunter Wren-Ross and Les Perpall with Ava Lazar Chargers Most Improved. Missing are award winners Kira Beerel, Jude Howell, and Jimmy Jewel.

Charger Coaches Todd Morris, John Meister, Hunter Wren-Ross, Les Perpall are shown with Chargers Skiers of the Year, Emma Smith. Missing are the other award winners: Nikki Sentovich, Owen Call, and Enzo Rodriguez.

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