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In the Minaret Challenge, Connor Staley (MMSST) was 10th in the U19 men’s slalom. He returned on Sunday to take sixth in the GS. Photo Susan Morning

Mammoth teams compete up and down the state

Over the last eight days Mammoth Ski and Snowboard Team athletes competed up and down the state. On Dec. 30 Mammoth Snowboard team member Denver Orr competed at Bear Mountain. On Jan. 5-7 the U16, U19, and U21 skiers had the Mammoth Minaret Challenge on their home turf. The following day MMSST sent two groups to Tahoe for their first USSA races of the new year. The U10-U12 group headed to Alpine Meadows, while the U14s went to Alpine’s sister area, Squaw Valley.

Snowboard Team Bear Mountain was the site of the “Adidas Das Tables” contest hosted by Adidas and Snowboarder Magazine on Dec. 30, 2017. Picnic tables were defined as “an iconic jib feature that has been utilized in snowboarding since the beginning of time.” The tables were rearranged to pose a different menu of tricks and combos. “Turn It Up” in the morning utilized the two tables for an A-frame set up, while the afternoon session, “Straight Line“, offered a direct route to the classic feature. MMSST’s Denver Orr found that it pays to ride hard and work hard. He came home from “Das Tables” with two, second place finishes along with “some cash money”.

U16-U19-U21s at home for the Minaret Challenge January 5-7, Mammoth Mountain hosted the Minaret Challenge, a Far West Open Series race originally scheduled as one GS and two slalom races. However, Mother Nature took over and changed the plan. With the forecast of snow and wind coming in over the weekend, the itinerary was flipped to have the two slaloms run on Friday and Saturday leaving the GS for Sunday.

Friday’s slalom got off without a hitch. In the U16 Ladies class Squaw Valley’s (SVST) Aliza Neu and Maya Wong took first and second with Sugar Bowl’s (SBSTA) Abigal Larrabee taking third. Also landing on the front page was Mammoth Ski Team’s Keely Podosin in seventh place. Her coach Jimmy Whiteley proudly pointed out that, “This was Keely’s first top 10 in a FW qualifier.” But, Podosin wasn’t the only MMSST athlete on the list. She was followed by teammates Neave Anderson in 10th, and Aria Assil in 12th. In the U19 category Squaw’s Magnolia Neu’s time of 1:28.59, the fastest combined time for the women, put her on top of the podium. Following her were Snow Summit’s Elle Williams (SS) in second and Jillian Ferre (SVST) in third. Mammoth racers Evin Haworth, Nikki Sadat and Elizabeth Gammariello all made top 15 coming in fifth, 13th, and 15th, respectively.

On the men’s side Max Kelly (SVST) in first, Chilli Messner (SBSTA) in second and Northstar Ski Team’s (NSST) Theo Forget in third shared the podium, while MMSST’s Benjamin Wynn was sixth and Michael Brink in 15th rounded out the front page finishers. The battle for first, second and third in the U19 men’s class started with Mammoth’s Charlie Regelbrugge having the fastest first run with a time of 42.90 seconds. He was followed by Diamond Peak Ski Team’s (DPST) Matthew Smallhouse in second just .04 behind, Jack Schaffner (SBSTA) in third and Preston O’Brien (SBSTA) in fourth. However the second run painted a completely different story, with Preston, Smallhouse, Schaffner and Regelbrugge finishing in that order. After tallying the combined times Smallhouse, who had two second place runs ended up taking the win by .76 seconds over O’Brien and Regelbrugge held on to third by .23 seconds over Schaffner. MMSST’s Bruno Amon-Franceschi, Lachlan Anderson and Connor Staley joined him in the top 10 with their fifth, ninth and 10th place finishes.

Saturday morning the athletes woke up to the predicted “snow and very windy, then snow likely and windy” forecast, and by 8:30 a.m. race officials had called the race for Saturday. The next day things were back on schedule for the 200 racers competing in the Minaret Challenge. Although the course started out smooth in packed powder, it didn’t take long before the soft snow moved away to form bobsled like troughs by the end of the day. After 400 racers starts the race became a real rodeo for the final competitors coming out of the start. As one bystander commented, “You can’t even see their legs.” Mammoth U16 ladies who finished in the top 30 were: Madison Jayne 22, Keely Podosin 24, Neave Anderson 25, Jordan Whistler 27, Anastasia Seator-Braun 28, and Taylor Wilkison 30. Although Seator-Braun wasn’t in the top 10, she had a lot to celebrate. Sunday was her 16th birthday. After the race some of her friends, family, teammates and coaches gathered with her in the Team Headquarters for cake and much laughter. Faith Cooper (SBSTA) took the win for the U19 ladies, Evin Haworth (MMSST) was second, followed by Magnolia Neu (SVST) in third.

In the 16 Men’s class MMSST racers who took top 30 results were: Daniel Schneider 11, Michael Brink 14, Benjamin Wynn 17, Benjamin Wolfe 25, Samuel Finnegan in 28. In U19 men’s race Isaac Mozen (SBSTA), Payton Norton (DPST) and Matthew Smallhouse (DPST) went one, two and three respectively. MMSST’s Charlie Regelbrugge just missed out on a podium position tying for fourth, Connor Staley was sixth, and Lachlan Anderson tied for 14th. In the highly competitive race fourth through ninth place finishes were separated by a mere .31 seconds. Justin Wallach was first for the U21 division. Whiteley wrapped up the weekend’s results stating, “There were a number of personal bests. Multiply first year MMST boys scored in the top 15 at their first FW qualifier. The team as a whole performed very well, putting our selves in a good position for the upcoming qualifiers in Tahoe Jan. 26-28.”

From Coach Allie. Congratulations to the following athletes for moving up, lowering their points and/or podiums: Minaret Challenge Results

Friday, January 5, 2018 SL Nikki Sadat – score 240.16; Charlie Regelbrugge – 3rd place; U19 Men: Lachlan Anderson – score 118.98; Spencer Reid – score 244.57, moved up 56 spots;

Sunday, January 7, 2018 GS: Evin Haworth – 2nd place U19 Ladies, score 113.25; Lachlan Anderson – score 122.58; Justin Wallasch -score 156.8; Spencer Reid, score 298.75

U14’s at Squaw Valley for the California U14 Challenge Series GS While the U14 Home team enjoyed some great powder skiing over the weekend with coach Brooke Blackburn, 18 MMSST U14s traveled with coaches Harry Blackburn, Cody Underkoffler, and Miles Anderson to Squaw Valley for the California U14 Challenge Series GS races. Saturday, the group found themselves in the same position as many of the other teams. Their GS races at Squaw were on the chopping block, but as with the other teams by Sunday, the skies had cleared and the races were back on. According to MMST U14 head coach, Harry Blackburn, “What a difference a day makes. Upon arriving Friday in the Olympic Valley at Squaw Valley, the weekend looked suspect with a steady rain falling and a forecast for more of the same leading into Saturday.” As predicted the following morning the athletes did in fact awake to more inclement weather with rain showers persisting, low visibility and a steady wind. After two weather holds, the race was cancelled for Saturday’s GS event, but moving forward for a race on Sunday.  And it was announced that each run on Sunday would count towards qualifying for the WR Champs to be held in Jackson Hole Wyoming later in March.  As expected, Saturday everyone was anxious to see what Sunday would bring.

Sunday, we were pleasantly greeted with a beautiful day, calm winds and blue bird skies,” added Blackburn. He went on to explain, “Although the air had a nice crisp feel to it, there was still the question as to how the surface would be after so much rain, would it be boilerplate or slush? The Squaw Valley race organizer and grooming crew made the right call on prepping the hill and with Mother Nature’s water injections the Piste and venue were in mint condition. Sunday the surface could not have been better. You could have won the race starting last.”

MMST U14s had some “stellar performances.” Parker Gumins ended the weekend with a third overall in the race, but also scoring 150 points for his first and fourth placements; Quentin Le Francois scoring seventh, 12th, and 10th overall; Iain Ferguson 17th overall. Thea Amon-Franceschi was 11th, 19th, and 12th overall; Bryn Urdi 23rd overall. Mitchell Parsons and Sienna Beeghly “both scored valuable WC points for their efforts to put towards an opportunity competing against the best in the Western Region Mid-March,” noted Blackburn. He finished with, “We had some stand out performances over the weekend not just looking at results, but also the way our athletes conducted themselves and how they skied. Some may not have skied their fastest, but they demonstrated good solid technical skiing. A few made some tactical errors, but rallied on their second runs, as it was one race, but each run was scored for qualifying. The U14 Far West Western Region Team will be announced after the SL and SG qualifiers have been completed, so there are plenty of races left and all kinds of possibilities and opportunities still exist.  It was a great weekend for our athletes. We competed well, some getting their first USSA starts, others began their USSA point profiles, but most importantly it ended up being a fun and productive weekend.”

U10-12 at Alpine Meadows for the Kangaroo Classic Things weren’t much different weather wise for the Mammoth U10s and U12s who traveled to Alpine Meadows for the Kangaroo Classic. On Saturday, the U12s were told that they would have to wait until Sunday for their double-header GS races, while the U10s, the only group in the Far West to race that day, were able to successfully get off their two races.

Mammoth U10 coach Scott Saltsman described the first USSA race of the season for the U10-U12s saying it was a, “Tough weekend, Saturday started with rain mixed in with a little snow.” Then clearing but it was “cold.” In the first men’s race Blaise Turnbull, Kirkwood Ski Education Foundation (KSEF) won both runs with a combined time of 1:22.40. That was .81 seconds over his teammate Tucker Reimund, who came in second. Sugar Bowl’s Harry Pullen was third. The top MMSST racer was Jayden Peck in 29th. The men came back in the afternoon for their second race and again it was Turnbull winning two more runs with a combined time of 1:21.80, 3.08 seconds over Squaw Valley’s Dylan O’Neill. Pullen repeated his third place finish. MMSST had two top-twenty finishers with Heath Rodriquez in 18th and Peck moving up to take 20th.

On the ladies side, Margaux Schlumberger, last week’s 2017 Kittredge Cup winner, was MMSST’s top finisher in fourth place. Winning the race was Lara Huml (NSST) with her teammate Gabi Medeiros in second and Annika Pekarek (AMST) in third. In the second race Medeiros and Huml switched podium places with Schlumberger moving up to take the third place spot. MMSST teammate Addison Koenig just missed the front page coming in 16th.

Sunday, the U12s got their chance to compete in two races. In the first race MMSST’s Gregory Gazarian in 10th, was the sole Mammoth skier to make the top fifteen for the men. In the second race, Grant Schneider took ninth, Gazarian repeated his 10th place finish and Tristan Barndt was 14th.

On the ladies side in the first race Kate Geis (DPSEF) had the fastest time for both runs giving her the win. Madison Vieara-McCarthy (SVST) was second with a time of 1:12.09. She was followed by MMSST’s Jenna Lynch in third. Joining Lynch on the front page were teammates Piper Wilkison in seventh place, Regan Clute in 10th and Madeline Le Francois in 12th. Jessica Peck was 16th, just missing out of the medals by .03 seconds. In the second ladies race Squaw stacked the podium with Lylah Kelly, Natalie Grosse in second and Vieara-McCarthy in third. Mammoth’s Wilkison moved up to fifth place, Lynch was seventh, Clute 14th, and Le Francois was 15th. Maya Eisner was 16th, missing out on a front-page result by .04 seconds. Stan Vasily, MMSST U12 coach reported, that Lynch skied “to her first podium finish in the first race…she missed second by .09 second, adding “Jenna Lynch skied unbelievably good this weekend, she was our star for sure.”

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PHOTO GALLERY: Photos by Susan Morning are available at Mammoth’s Magic Memories (second floor, Main Lodge or go to:


MMSST’s Evin Haworth was fifth in the slalom and second in the GS for the U19 ladies in the Minaret Challenge held at Mammoth Mountain, Jan. 5-7. Photo: Susan Morning

Charlie Regelbrugge (MMSST) was third in the slalom and tied for fourth in the GS for the U19 men in the Minaret Challenge. Photo: Susan Morning

U19 Bruno Amon-Franceschi racing the Minaret Challenge GS Photo: Susan Morning

Michael Brink (MMSST) made the U16 men’s front-page GS results by coming in 14th in the Minaret Challenge. Photo: Susan Morning

Madison Jayne was the top MMSST racer for the U16 ladies GS race. Photo: Susan Morning

MMST U16 coach Keeler Johnston, gives the thumbs up to how the Minaret Challenge race went on Sunday. Photo: Susan Morning

MMSST’s Justin Wallach was first for the GS in the U21 men’s division of the Minaret Challenge. Photo: Susan Morning

MMSST U19 Evin Haworth
Photo: Susan Morning










GUEST PHOTO GALLERY (Thank you, Allie Ace, Harry Blackburn, Joon Chang, Gabriel Slumberger and Stan Vasily)


Jenna Lynch on the podium in third place for the first U12 ladies race at the Kangaroo Classic. Lynch came back to take seventh in the second race. Photo courtesy of: Stan Vasily

MMSST’s U12 coach Joon Chang with MMSST’s Margaux Schlumbeger and Gregory Gazarian. Schlumberger took fourth for the U10 ladies, while Gazarian placed 10th in both U12 men’s races. Photo courtesy of Gabriel Schlumberger

Parker Gumins ended the weekend with a third overall in Squaw Valley’s California U14 Challenge Series GS race. Photo courtesy of Harry Blackburn

Mammoth U12 medal winners at Alpine Meadows. Left to right: Tristan Barndt, Grant Schneider, Greg Gazarian, Regan Clute, Jenna Lynch and Madeline Le Francois. Clute and Lynch are holding medals for teammate Piper Wilkison who was absent. Photo courtesy of Joon Ha Chang

Mammoth’s Margaux Schlumberger racing to fourth place in the U10 Kangaroo Classic. Photo courtesy of Gabriel Schlumberger

Margaux Schlumberger on the podium at the Kangaroo Classic. Photo courtesy of Gabriel Schlumberger.

FIS Team at the top of Mammoth Mountain, December 23, 2017 Photo courtesy of: Allie Ace

FIS Athlete Scholarship recipients Connor Stately and Lachlan Anderson volunteering at the MMCF A Team Awards_Photo courtesy of: Allie Ace

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