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Aspen, CO – January 27, 2018 – Buttermilk Mountain: Chloe Kim, Arielle Gold and Maddie Mastro at the medal ceremony for SoFi Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe during X Games Aspen 2018
(Photo by Eddie Perlas / ESPN Images)

Kim and Mastro Medal at X Games  X Games Aspen 2018, presented by ESPN, took place Jan. 25-28, 2018 at Buttermilk Ski Resort, Aspen, CO. It was four days of the best action sports competitions in the world featuring snowboarding, skiing, snowmobile and snow bike mixed with a generous dose of some of the most influential and diverse music acts around today. On Sat. night the venue moved to the Sofi Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe and all eyes were on the ladies as they took their three runs. After the first run MMSST alum Chloe Kim sat in first place, followed by Cai Xuetong, and Arielle Gold. The second run saw only a couple women improve their scores, putting the pressure on all of the competitors to make the final run their best and Kim did not disappoint. She dropped in the pipe and never stopped impressing the judges until she finished her final hit. Her score of 93.33 put her in first. Gold too improved her score to 92.33, while Xuetong could only score a 6.33 in her third run and had to settle for her first run score of 84.66. Mammoth’s Kelly Clark opted to not take her third and final run and her 88.66 stood as her final score. This left the door open for MMSST’s Maddie Mastro to move up and that is just what she did with a score of 89.33 to grab the third podium position. With Clark in fourth, Mammoth athletes finished the evening taking three of the top four spots. With her win, Kim returned to hold the title spot after having moved down to third place last year. Kim is now the first X Games athlete to win four gold medals before turning 18. This was Mastro’s third time in Aspen and her first X Games podium finish. Later that night she posted on Facebook,” AHH! Over the moon with happiness! Cannot believe I got my first X Games medal! The riding last night was insane, so honored to have found my way on to the podium with these two!”

In addition to the three Mammoth ladies who competed in the halfpipe, two former Mammoth Snowboard Team members, who are current Mammoth Ambassadors competed on Thursday Jan. 25 in the Men’s snowboard slopestyle qualifier. Judd Henkes took 11th and Brandon Davis was 12th. Unfortunately, the two athletes did not continue on, as only the top eight competitors moved on to the finals. On Sunday night, another Mammoth local, Greg Bretz finished ninth in the Monster Energy Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe. Clark, Kim and Mastro’s next competition will be the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympic Games Ladies Halfpipe Qualifications, Feb. 12.

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Jake Langston had the fastest time for the Mammoth team in the USASA slalom and took first place for the Snowboard Breaker Boys (12-13) Boys. (Photo by Susan Morning)

Local riders compete in USASA GS/SL On Saturday, Jan. 27 Mammoth snowboarders had the opportunity to improve their chances of going to the USASA Nationals with two races. In the morning, the athletes took part in a two run giant slalom down Fascination. Top three Mammoth finishers are as follows_Snowboard Breaker (12-13) Boys: 1 John Connolly; 2 Jake Langston; 3 Ryan Halloran. Snowboard Breaker (12-13) Girls: 1 Natalie Partridge; 2 Gwen Flemington. Snowboard Grommet (8-9) Boys: 1 Ewen Tomaier; 2 Ronan Price. Snowboard Grommet (8-9) Girls: 1 Spencer Anderson; 2 Logan Leggette; 3 Madelynn Valderrama. Snowboard Junior (16-17) Men: 2 Ocean Roberts; 3 Michael Marusicz. Snowboard Junior (16-17) Women: 1 Paige Lary; 2 Taney Anne Doll. Snowboard Menehune (10-11) Boys: 1 Morgan Ellis; 2 Bryce Graulich; 3 Sebastian Markmann. Snowboard Menehune (10-11) Girls: 1 Beatrice Kim. Snowboard Ruggie (7 & Under) Boys: 1 Walter Kim; 2 Tanoa “TJ” Weygand; 3 Charlie Graulich. Snowboard Ruggie (7 & Under) Girls: 1 Jeffrey Anderson. Snowboard Youth (14-15) Men: 2 Riley Gapp. Snowboard Youth (14-15) Women: 1 Super Applebaum.

In the afternoon the riders returned to the hill to compete in their second slalom race of the season. Top three Mammoth finishers are_Snowboard Breaker (12-13) Boys: 1 Jake Langston; 2 John Connolly; 3 Ryan Halloran. Snowboard Breaker (12-13) Girls: 1 Natalie Partridge; 2 Gwen Flemington. Snowboard Grommet (8-9) Boys: 1 Ewen Tomaier; 2 Ronan Price; 3 Quinn Halloran. Snowboard Grommet (8-9) Girls: 1 Spencer Anderson; 2 Logan Leggette; 3 Madelynn Valderrama. Snowboard Junior (16-17) Men: 2 Ocean Roberts; 3 Michael Marusicz. Snowboard Junior (16-17) Women: 1 Taney Anne Doll; 2 Paige Lary. Snowboard Menehune (10-11) Boys: 1 Morgan Ellis; 2 Bryce Graulich; 3 Sebastian Markmann. Snowboard Menehune (10-11) Girls: 1 Beatrice Kim. Snowboard Ruggie (7 & Under) Boys: 1 Tanoa “TJ” Weygand; 2 Walter Kim; 3 Charlie Graulich. Snowboard Ruggie (7 & Under) Girls: 1 Jeffrey Anderson. Snowboard Youth (14-15) Men: 2 Riley Gapp. Snowboard Youth (14-15) Women: 1 Super Applebaum.

Although most of the participants were under 18, one “young at heart” MMSST mom came out to show the youngsters how it is done. Jonnel Janewicz-Leggette was first for the Snowboard Legend (40-49) Women in both races. The next events for the snowboard team will be two halfpipe contests to be held Feb. 3-4 at Mammoth Mountain.

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Husky skier Hallie Clute won the first high school ladies slalom race of the season.

High school athletes have first races of the season On Thursday, Jan. 25 Mammoth High School Ski and Snowboard Team members had their first four races of the season reduced to two races with a last minute race cancelation due to a fast moving storm dumping snow on Mammoth Mountain the night before. The following day, under much improved conditions, the team competed against athletes from Bishop Union High School (BUHS) and Rim of the World High School (RIM), Lake Arrowhead, CA. MHS team coach Connie Moyer reported, “Friday was a jammed packed day of racing since we had to cancel Thursdays’ races due to weather. The Husky competitors had to switch their mindset from slalom to GS half way through the day. They adapted great with the Mammoth Mountain Race Department switching runs from Fascination to Andy’s Double Gold like a well-oiled machine. Best of all, we had an absolute blast racing on such a fine day.”

In the men’s snowboard GS, Husky junior Nick Hildebrand turned in the fastest first run time. His time of 49.67 was .34 seconds ahead of teammate MHS senior, Kris Martin and .47 seconds ahead of RIM’s Riley Zamora. In the second run Martin came back with the fastest time of the day to take the overall win over teammate Hildebrand by .23 seconds. Zamora held on to third. Husky racers Billy McDaniel and Andrew Gray finished fifth and seventh to round out the top ten men. On the women’s side Bishop senior Paige Lary* did the near impossible feat of finishing both runs in the exact same time of 54.18, giving her a total time of 108.36. Mammoth sophomore Tyler Brooking was second with a time of 122.76 and RIM’s Olivia Baldwin followed in third just .01 seconds behind Brooking. Also, taking top ten results were MHS’s Janelle Weinert and Hannah Goodwin in fourth and seventh respectively.

In the snowboard slalom, Martin took the win for the men with Andrew Gray in second and Zamora again coming in third. Mammoth had three other athletes in the top ten with Evan Hilliard in fourth, McDaniel in fifth and Dylan Van Kampen in seventh. Lary continued her dominance over the women’s field finishing 6.49 seconds ahead of second place slalom finisher Brooking and 14.86 seconds over Baldwin. Weinert and Goodwin in fourth and fifth gave the Husky girls two more top ten finishes.

The Husky skiers showed their strength in the first race of the season taking 10 of the 12 first through third spots for the day. In the men’s slalom Mammoth’s Mason Forsythe had the top time of the day for both the first and second runs finishing 4.57 seconds ahead of Bishop’s Spencer Reid*. Husky skier Sean Walker came in third with teammates Otto Gubser, Julian Leeds and Justin Martin taking fourth, seventh and eighth giving Mammoth five of the top eight finishes. In the women’s slalom Mammoth swept the top three slots with Hallie Clute taking the win, Mallory Podosin in second and Cary Walker in third. But it didn’t end there. The Husky girls also took the next five finishes with Audrey Sandvigen in fourth; Adi Witherill in fifth; Sloane Ramras in sixth; Lauren Ramras in seventh and Ruby Walker in eighth.

In the men’s giant slalom race Husky sophomore Sean Walker was first over senior teammate Forsythe and BUHS’s Reid in third. Leeds, Gubser and Justin Martin completed Mammoth top ten finishers coming in fourth, fifth and seventh respectively. The Husky ladies had a top ten clean sweep in the GS with Cary Walker, Podosin and Clute in first, second and third. Devon Cole, Melanie Moyer, Olivia Catarossi, Sandvigen, Cassidy Moyer, Witherill, and Sloane Ramras followed them in fourth through 10th. Lauren Ramras added another place to the sweep coming in 11th.

Moyer summed up the day saying, “Coach Jimmy (Morning) and Coach Emma (Romo Haisten) and I are so pleased with the performances of our student-athletes. We had consistent strong results from our veteran racers who knew what to do to get themselves qualified for champs, but some of our newcomers shined as well and turned in surprising results. Snowboarder Freshman Billy McDaniel, for example, placed fifth in both races. Sophomore skier, Adi Witheral, placed fifth and ninth in the SL and GS events as well. Newcomer Senior, Julian Leeds, impressed us with a fourth in the GS and seventh in the SL. All of these new athletes will be important scorers for our team at the Champs here in Mammoth in March.” The MHS Ski and Snowboard Team athletes will have two more races this Thursday and Friday (Feb. 1-2) all leading up to the 2018 CNISSF State High School Championships scheduled for Mar. 5-8 at Mammoth Mountain. (* denote Bishop High School athletes who are also members of MMSST)


MMSST’s Mitchell Parsons (top row, far right) took third at the recent Western Region Slalom Qualifiers at Northstar. MMSST teammate Jack Lackey (bottom row, second from left) took eighth place in the same race. (Photo by Harry Blackburn)

Skiers race in WR Slalom Qualifiers With “a solid block of slalom training” under their belt, Coach Harry Blackburn took 17 of his U14 athletes to the Tahoe Basin for the second Western Region Qualifiers. Over the weekend of Jan. 27-28 “the best in the Far West would battle in slalom on the slopes of Northstars’ Loggers Loop in a effort to gain precious points and the opportunity to stand on the podium,” reported Blackburn. He went on to explain, “Ski racing is a gamble and more so in slalom with its numerous gates, turns and tricky combinations where an athlete can go from hero to zero in a split second and a matter of inches can be the factor from having a great run or a disaster. The old cliché risk verses reward it’s a fine line. Our athletes have been training and skiing really well and as a team we felt confident going into the event.”

“Mother nature can always be a factor leading into a race weekend and Mother Nature played a role once again. Everyone in the west has had pretty firm conditions with the lack of snow and warm temps, not ideal for the industry, but makes for great training and ski racing. Just a few days before the competition Tahoe received 15-18 inches of snow putting a soft layer on top of the great race piste. The Northstar race events crew directed by Eric Whittaker and Jordon Stone former Mammoth Mountain Race department Staff did an outstanding job preparing the hill considering the new snow. Both race days were pretty fair, but the luck of the random draw never hurts. Those having an early start could take advantage of the flat surface and ski a tighter line to the gate, those running later in the pack would deal with some ruts and inconsistent snow textures. In the second runs the playing field is a little more level as the top 30 run in reverse order and the remainder of the field runs in the order they finished after run one.”

On Saturday, Blackburn said, MMSST’s Mitchell Parsons, started “his first run 74 deep in the back of the pack” and fought his way into 12th place. That run gave “him a great opportunity for the second run, which he seized.” Parsons came back to post a 41.90 for his second run, only to be tied by Squaw Valley Ski Team’s Karsten Hart, who sat in third place after his first run. Sugar Bowl’s Zack Staudenmayer, who was in sixth place after the first run had a blistering fast second run and moved up to take first place for the run and for the combined time. This left Hart in second and Mitchell in third for the race. MMSST’s Jack Lackey joined Mitchell in the top 10, with his eighth place finish. Quentin Le Francois was on his way to a top ten finish with a seventh place finish after his first run, however his second run DNF eliminated him. Parker Gumins, was another MMSST athlete who skied well, but couldn’t put two run together. Although he had been disqualified in his first run, he showed he could be a threat on any given day, when he post the second fastest time for his second run.

On the women’s side MMSST’s Siena Beeghly and Bryn Urdi both had top 15 first run finishes. Unfortunately, Beeghly lost her seventh place spot when she didn’t finish her second run. On the other hand, Urdi was 11th in her second run to capture 12th overall. On Sunday, Mammoth placed two men on the front page with Le Francois taking ninth and Lackey in 13th. Parsons and Gumins both had strong first runs finishing seventh and eighth respectively, but fell victim to the course in the second run and didn’t finish. On this day Beeghly had a 23rd place result in the ladies first run. She fought hard on her second time down the course and finished fourth for the run and took 13th overall. Also, having two very consistant runs was Thea Amon-Franceschi. Amon-Franceschi was 26th in both runs to finish 22nd overall out of the 106 women who competed on Sunday.

Blackburn reflected on his athletes’ performances over the weekend, “This weekend we again had some stand out performances. Top honors in this qualifier go to Mitchell Parsons with a third place podium finish. Jack Lackey had an awesome weekend with two top 15 performances walking away with an eighth and 13th and scoring valuable points. Quentin Le Francois finished his weekend on a great note with a top 10 performance finishing in ninth on Sunday taking home some hardware and scoring more valuable points, Bryn Urdi had a solid first day with a 12th overall, but skied out on Sunday. Siena Beeghly had some misfortunes on Saturday straddling a gate after being in seventh after the first run, but fought through on Sunday starting almost dead last making the flip 30 and finished with a 13th overall and the fourth fastest second run. Iain Ferguson, Thea Amon Franceschi, Sara Mueller all scored valuable world cup points to put towards their standings. Overall we skied well and proved we are skiing fast. Parker Gummins took the all-out approach, but it didn’t pan out this time. Some shout outs to Cessa DeSario for some spicy skiing and Noah Gerrard for his great attitude. We switch gears from the short skis to the long skis this week as we prepare for our final Western Region SG Qualifier next month at Squaw Valley, snow and weather permitting.”

Jan. 27 men’s results:

Jan. 27 ladies results:

Jan. 28 men’s results:

Jan. 28 ladies results:

U16-U19-U21 TEAMS

Sunday afternoon awards were handed out to the winners by Mark Engel, local US Ski Team athlete and future Olympian. MMSST athletes had the opportunity to get autographs and pictures taken,” added coach Ace. (Photo by Allie Ace)

Slalom racing at Alpine Meadows Members of the U16-U19-U21 also traveled to the Tahoe Basin for a weekend of USSA WR Qualifier Slalom racing at Alpine Meadows. Along the way the travel team had the opportunity to hike “through the snow to Eagle Falls on the way to the race for dry land,” noted U19 coach Allie Ace.

On Saturday, Mammoth’s Sasha Mueller, who finished 10th overall for the U16 ladies and her teammates: Anastasia Seator-Braun, who was 19th; Erica Lynch, 21; Neave Anderson, 23; Keely Podosin, 25; and Aria Assil, 30. In the U19 division, Nikki Sadat was 19th; Elizabeth Gammariello, 21st; and Silvia Lorico Rappa, was 22nd. MMSST newcomer Isla Lackey took home the Hard Charger award in her first Far West first race. Isla and her three siblings, Frances, Jack and Tommy moved here at the beginning of the season from Asheville, NC.

On the men’s side, Squaw Valley’s Jordan Cashman had the fastest times in both the first run and the second run, while MMSST’s Alex Colby and Winston Pretti took second and third overall, also giving Colby a second for the U21s and Pretti first for the U19s following him the U19 men’s division were Barrett Calvin in third; Luke Davenport in seventh scored a 91.83, a personal best; Erik Eisen in 13th; Cole Williams in 17th; and Kian Sadat in 29th. The U16 men saw Benjamin Wynn in 26th and Aidan Le Francois followed him in 27th by .03 seconds.

Over the weekend, “The course conditions were rough due to the recent snow, but our athletes were mentally prepared for it,” said Head U16 coach, Jimmy Whiteley, who accompanied his team along with Ace, Jon (JG) Garrison and Keeler Johnston. Backing up Whiteley’s statement were Colby, who came out on Sunday to take the overall win for the men. Wynn and Le Francois both moved up with their 12th and 18th place finishes as did Williams who took sixth for the U19 men. On the ladies side Whiteley proudly pointed out that Bailey Sokol “had two strong finishes and cut her points in half.” Mueller had her second strong finish in as many days moving up to seventh. Anderson was 21st, and Podosin finished 24th. In the U19 ladies class, Nikki Sadat, in 17th, had her second top 20 result of the weekend. Frances Lackey followed her in 19th; Gammariello was 20th; and Lorico Rappa was 21st. “That afternoon awards were handed out to the winners by Mark Engel, local US Ski Team athlete and future Olympian. MMSST athletes had the opportunity to get autographs and pictures taken,” added coach Ace. The final two GS qualifiers for U16 Regional Champs and U19/U21 WR JR Champs will be held Feb. 10 and 11 in Mammoth.

Jan. 27 ladies results:

Jan. 27 men’s results:

Jan. 28 men’s results:

Jan. 28 ladies results:


Athletes compete in Utah and Canada Mammoth FIS coach Allie Ace reported that her team members recently competed in Utah and Alberta, Canada. Saturday through Tuesday, Jan. 20-23, twelve FIS team men and women competed in the Astle Western Region Elite Tech Series at Snowbird, UT and Park City, UT. By Tuesday afternoon, Winston Pretti had three top-twenty slalom results and Gabby Smith was eighth, 12th, 14th, and 16th. Kendall Lach, who went out in both Snowbasin, UT races, earlier last week, finished three of the four slalom races. The next race for the FIS team will be the U19+ US Nationals Speed Qualifier at Schweitzer, ID starting Jan. 30 running through Feb. 2.

On Jan. 25 Ace added, “MMSST U19/21 and FIS athlete, Justin Wallasch, is currently in Alberta, Canada competing in the Nor-Am Cup Skier Cross races at Nakiska. Justin crashed in Saturday’s race, finishing 21st. On Sunday, he lost in the quarter finals to a photo finish, but still placed 11th overall and was the top American junior.”

Link to Snowbird results:

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College racing Former MMSST racer, Lucas Underkoffler won his second-straight Northwest Collegiate Ski Conference qualifier, helping the College of Idaho remain perfect on the season, claiming the team title at 49 Degrees North Ski Area. After having their event postponed yesterday due to a storm, the Yotes placed four skiers in the Top-11 to record a two-run team time of 4:20.63 on the 44 gate course. C of I finished nine seconds ahead of Washington State and nearly 49 seconds clear of the University of Washington in the team race. Underkoffler dominated the morning run by over one second – finishing the day with a combined time of 1:23.40 – ahead of British Columbia’s Cameron Hale (1:24.69) and Idaho’s Boomer Vuori (1:24.70). The NWCSC looks to head to Mount Hood Ski Bowl next weekend for giant slalom races – weather permitting.

USCSA giant slalom Also, two other former team members Eva Yguico, representing UCLA and Max Ziontz racing for UCSB were both top performers for their classes in the USCSA giant slalom at Mammoth on January 27. Yguico, who had the fastest time for all competitors in both runs, beat out her closest competitor in the women’s class by 3.54 seconds.


Images of Mammoth High School Ski and Snowboard Team by Susan Morning/Magic Memories 

Images from USASA slalom by Susan Morning/Magic Memories

Images from the U14 race at Northstar by Harry Blackburn


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