MMSST NEWS April 17, 2018

MMSST competitive season drawing to a close

Team Outdoor 365 wins 2018 Junior Village Championship

The Get Outdoor 365 Vikings team took the 2018 Junior Village Championship title on Saturday. Members of team who competed in the third race included: Samantha Bretz, Jayden Peck, Anya Maynard, Greg Gazarian, Maya Eisner, Sabrina Woo and coach Scott Saltsman. Other members of the team who were not present are: Lyla and Cessa Desario, Reese Howard and Parker Gumins.

MMSST U10-U12-U14 racers were back in competition Saturday, April 14 with the third Junior Village Championship race on Saturday. Ten teams competed in the final JVC race of the season, sponsored by Roberto’s Mexican Café. Placing first, second and third, in that order were: U10 girls_Addison Koenig, Michaela “Koko” Bruce, and Lana Sugimura; U10 boys_Jayden Peck, Fritz Griffith and Alexander “Kimmi” Basamakov; U12 girls_Piper Wilkison, Sierra Wight and Maya Eisner; U12 boys_Gregory Gazarian, Tristan Barndt and JaKe McConnell; U14 girls_Siena Beeghly, Bryn Urdi and Sara Mueller; U14 boys_Quentin LeFrancois, Jack Lackey and Iain Ferguson. Coach Joon Chang’s team Designs Unlimited won the “big cookie” prize for the fastest team in the third race. Team Outdoor 365 coached by Scott Saltsman had the best combined times for the three race series earning them the championship title and the highly coveted perpetual trophy.

Junior skiers break the speed limit

Kimmie Beerel was clocked at 60.65 mph to take the win for the U10 girls in the Footloose Speed Trap held Sunday, April 15.

On Sunday many of the same racers came out for the Footloose Speed Trap. In that event the young athletes spent the morning practicing running a straight line down Fascination, starting each run a little higher up the mountain. In the afternoon the athletes came back to take their final run going through an official speed trap where their speeds were recorded in miles per hour. One after another the young skiers recorded speeds that would have earned them a ticket on 395 if they were old enough to drive. The top two Chargers were Kendall Winer, who went 71.57 mph and Nikolina Sentovich, who clocked a speed of 70.17 mph. The fastest U10 boy and girl were: Kimmie Beerel, 60.65 mph and Fritz Griffith, 60.65 mph. U12: Sophie McMahan. 73.03 mph and Grant Schneider, 73.79 mph. U14: Bryn Urdi and Natalie Tholan tied 73.97 mph; and Bodie MacMillan had the fastest speed of the day 76.14 mph.

U10-U12-U14 Season Awards

Sunday afternoon the U10-U12-U14 coaches, athletes, friends and family gathered to celebrate the end of the regular season and to honor the teams’ top athletes. Earning awards were the following athletes. U10: Most Improved_Carly Neal, Tristan Weinreb; Coaches Award: Aspen Wight, Heath Rodriguez; Skier of the Year: Addison Koenig, Fritz Griffith. U12: Most Improved_Tanner Knott, Skye Peterson; Coaches Award_Maya Eisner, Celso Nguyen; Skier of the Year_Gregory Gazarian, Piper Wilkison; U14: Most Improved_Kendall Spieler, Jack Lackey; Coaches Award_Bryn Urdi, Iain Ferguson; Skier of the Year_Siena Beeghly and Parker Gumins.

Western Region Speed Series – FIS SG


Photo courtesy of Allie Ace

Four members of MMSST traveled to Mt. Bachelor, OR for the Western Region Speed Series, April 8-12. The series included two super G races on April 8-9. The sole downhill race to take place was the held on April 11. Results for the group include: Women_Kendall Lach 9, 8, DNF; Mack Carkeet 10, 10, 6 and men_Erik Eisen 9, 4, 10; and Bruno Amon-Franceschi 25, 26, 15. The final race of the season for the U14+ athletes will take place this weekend with three super Gs at Mammoth.

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